OOTD: Before November Ends

Sometimes when I look back of my outfit styles in these years, it is clear that I paid more attention on details and my style transits from teen to more mature/simple feelings. “You are what you wear”, probably my the change of my outfits also reflects the transition of my mindset as well: When I was at my teen-age, I was so amazed by the female figures appeared on American Apparel’s posters (LOL), but soon then I realized how tired it could be to wear a crop top and tight pencil skirt all the time. After turning to 21, my preference changed to more comfortable textures and simple designs, I think it might be a sign of getting old? I started to pay more attention on those not-that-famous designer brands providing unique philosophy and design, I also love to find out those unique “hidden treasure” in vintage shops. It is fun to see the transition along these years and my blog also witnesses the changes ūüôā

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Vintage Parisian fashion, greatly inspired by @janebirkindaily @dennielias and of course @rouje simple but comfortable ūüôā (@Fashionmimo)


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Simple laid-back outfits are also my favourite ūüôā

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Post-Yoga Feast/Coffee Break

Yoga is not new to me, I went to yoga studio when I was 10. Back ¬†then I was just a ¬†kid (was flexible) curious about the stuff everyone’s talking about¬†and didn’t have any idea about meditation and relaxation. But 10 years later when I came back to Yoga, it totally means different to me.¬†I need yoga to save me from distress, insomnia and neck pain/ stiff neck… ughhh I’m so old.

But trust me, I’m not the only person living here having such¬†problems, everyone seems to be stressed out here. Hence it’s so precious for me to have a quiet place at the heart of the city that could let me¬†breath!

Yoga Bambam is one of the coolest yoga studios I’ve been, located at Sheung Wan, the heart of the city but keeping you away from the hustle and bustle. It’s surrounded by small vendors, cafes and restaurants. Since it’s on the ground floor, you can enjoy the street view while stretching your body.


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After an introduction course, I joined the Hatha Yoga course every Sunday afternoon. My instructor Melanie is a friendly and energetic lady, her class could be really dynamic and interactive.

Usually my yoga class finishes at 4:30, snack time! Fortunately Yoga Bambam is in between Sheng Wan and Sai Ying Pun, so I’d never worry about where to eat!



I put this cafe at the first place because I DO LOVE THEIR¬†STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE! Before I thought I would never like something in strawberry flavour cuz it’s too sweet, but Nosh obviously know how to blend the sweetness of fruits into the freshness of yogurt! Besides, their brunch are also my fav. It’s a good place to chill at and you should pay more attention to their interior wall murals.


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Address:11 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

3rd Space

This one is just next to Yoga Bam Bam, renowned for its pancake. I only tried once because this restaurant quite popular and is always full… ¬†I tried its pancake all day breakfast, honestly the pancake is really soft but the whole dish is too heavy for me, which means from another perspective you don’t need to worry about the portion.



My Sportswear fashion… LOL

Address: 22 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Even though I’m not a British cuisine enthusiast (are you?) , I think Oldish is still worth a try. One of its selling point is the vintage interior design, and also the¬†food quality is good too. Don’t miss it out when you pass by! (@Fahionmimo)


Source: Openrice


Address: 53 Tung St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Street Snap Monday 3

Hi! It’s Street Snap Monday again! ¬†This time I tried to combine the vintage feelings (leather shoes and leather bag) with laid-back outfit, let’s see how it works :p (@Fashionmimo)

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Be Natural

HELLO! Sorry for¬†my absence for over a month because… it’s the internship season. Well, it’s a long story and I don’t even know where¬†to start with. But whatever it’s always good to leave my comfort zone and do something I don’t have much chances to do (even though it’s unpaid…)

Well, I’d better not making this too negative. So let’s talk about my weekends. On weekdays, normally I stay in the office for more than 10hours. Hence I¬†crave the fresh air and the nature so much. And I’ve follow some interesting accounts on instagram such as “vintage_vogue”and “70sdaily”. They are quite inspiring that make me wanna do something “country” and “70s” by myself.



When I think about vintage fashion, the idea of A-Line skirt pops up first, and then denim. (@Fashionmimo)



The cotton white shirt from M&S has become my favourite in this summer. (@Fashionmimo)

OOTD: Summer Outfits

It has always been a problem to¬†cool myself down under the sticky hot weather. You know, no one¬†would¬†really care about what you’re wearing¬†when it’s above 30 degrees Celsius all the time. When everyone is stinky and sticky then you realise¬†FASHION is not needed anymore (laugh).

Just kidding, I still need to blog¬†and THANK YOU¬†Alison and Tori for modeling this time ūüėÄ Wondering if there’s anyone like us struggling in the hot weather, let’s talk about our summer outfits! To be neat and comfortable, that’s my summer dressing rule.

The cold colored denim and the white dress could be a good match. (@Fashionmimo)

The cold colored denim and the white dress could be a good match. (@Fashionmimo)


Jacket and dress from Forever 21, sneakers from VANS. Sunglasses from the Australian brand QUAY. (@Fashionmimo)


The special design of the back brings more summer feelings.(@Fashionmimo)

All white outfits are always my favourite. The glamour of white fits every season, always trendy.

Pure white top and shorts. (@Fashionmimo)

Pure white top and shorts. (@Fashionmimo)


Add some tropical elements like Pineapple earrings to this look. (@Fashionmimo)

Add some tropical elements like Pineapple earrings into this look. (@Fashionmimo)

After all, don't forget to buy yourself a good pair of sandals! Sandals from Tory Burch. (@Fashionmimo)

After all, don’t forget to buy yourself a good pair of sandals! Sandals from Tory Burch. (@Fashionmimo)

Spring Look in 10 mins

This time my friend Alison would share her SUPER EASY make-up video about how to look natural/fresh in spring time.

Wondering if the cherry blossom is still blooming?  Then why not put some light pink on your face to make it glow, too?

#Brightness is the whole concept of this look,¬†I feel blessed to have a highlight stick with me, it’s super powerful:)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

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