Cozy Weekend

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Cou cou! Here comes our awesome cozy weekend again. This sunday’s gonna be Chinese Moon Cake Festival so I’m already home and gonna spend it with my family. Normally we barbecue near the pool at night, in order to appreciate the silver moonlight reflected on the water and have a bite of lava-custard (?) moon cake 🙂 Actually there are so many types of moon cakes that I just couldn’t distinguish them…

So what’s your plan for this weekend? I got that feeling maybe I’m too old to go out now… Most of the time I just like to chill at my place and share pics on social media to pretend being socializing but ACTUALLY I’M NOT and I hate going out hahaha. Just kidding, but if you are also a couch-potato advocate, make yourself a good music collection and a cup of coffee 😉 or afternoon tea,whatever. (@Fashionmimo)



Afternoon tea set in 1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui. A good place above the noisy TST, with awesome city view. (@Fashionmimo)



Dress from Korean brand ALAND. (@Fashionmimo)

BTW, I started to do some portrait shootings and will post them on Instagram, include some OOTDs, follow me if you are also interested!


Happy Stroll

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Finally back in Hong Kong for school but obviously I am not in working mood in the first week. Hence I met up with some friends and started a shoot-stroll-eat day 😀 Sheung Wan(the soho area near Central) has always been my favourite strolling spot in Hong Kong, so this time we shot our OOTD there and had some delectable plates in a restaurant with a petit garden.


Casual denim look. Both shirt and jeans come from H&M while the heeled sandals are from Japanese popular brand MOUSSY. (@Fashionmimo)


Tote bag from Michael Kors and sunglasses from Karen Walker.(@Fashionmimo)



My favourite black and white. Top: Aritzia, bottom: Pageboy. And the shoes are from Chinese brand Huili(回力). Lots of high school memories could be recalled when I saw these shoes (laughed).(@Fashionmimo)



The Food

We randomly walked in Mo’s Bros because of it’s delicate little gate. It is so lucky that we got walk-in seats. Cuz later when I checked online, people complained that this place is always full. The address is B/F & G/F, 16 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong. (@Fashionmimo)

The little gate. (Internet Source)

The little gate. (Internet Source)

The little outdoor area. (@Fashionmimo)

The little outdoor area. (@Fashionmimo)

Rosted chicken as a main dish. (@Fahionmimo)

Rosted chicken as a main dish. (@Fahionmimo)


IMG_6449 IMG_6448


Just spent another couple days in Hong Kong, and as usual, I strolled around Central and looked for some good places to eat.

Having a piece of cookie and a cup of tea is a good way to kill time. Not just formal English one, different restaurants (it’s very typical that in this place any restaurant (no matter Chinese,  Italian or Thai) )could have their own afternoon tea set. But this time I tried a homely cafe/gift shop who only concentrate in afternoon tea.

IMG_5450Walking along the escalator from Central to Mid-Levels, there are lots of bars, restaurants, nail shops…then we see the Prince Terrace. Like a little garden above the chaotic commercial area. There are only a few restaurants there, and here is the little place called Another Fine Day.


Go with their tea set, you could write a letter to someone and send it one year later. (@Fashionmimo)

Go with their tea set, you could write a letter to someone and send it one year later. (@Fashionmimo)

The English country style decoration is  homely and comfy. And it’s lucky that we were the only customers. The tea set contains  cookies, salmon tarts and muffins. We also tried the rose soda. If we only consider the price and the product, it’s kinda below the Hong Kong criteria. But I would say it’s totally a different experience that you could chill on the sofa and really  enjoy your afternoon tea time rather that queuing up in the Peninsula (Peninsula is also good though).

Since there are so much choices of afternoon tea in Hong Kong, maybe next time I should make a recommended list of those restaurants with awesome tea sets and great views, but I still have no idea where the edge is:) (@Fashionmimo)





Crop Top Never Go Out of Style

Can’t remember since when, crop tops have replaced my regular T-shirts.  As a girl with broad shoulders, it’s really confusing that most normal size T-shirts become too small for me. Or sometimes I can’t tell why, they just look weird 😦 Especially for the round collar T-shirt, it’s just a nightmare: it will make my shoulders look wider and thicker.

Then I found crop top solves most of these problems with it’s nice cutting. There’s a basic rule for myself: If I wanna choose a top with sleeves, then it must be with wide-neck or shoulder-off; or vice versa, high-neck and sleeveless would be better.

Crop top and high waisted jeans are always BFF. Sometimes if I don’t have a high-waisted jeans with me, I would tie a shirt around my waist to balance the whole look.

American Apparel is the easiest way for me to get different types/colors of crop top. (@Fahionmimo)

American Apparel is the easiest way for me to get different types/colors of crop top. (@Fahionmimo)


Most crop tops have matching skirts, it’s stylish to wear a whole set in the same pattern. But you can also match it by yourselves:) One of my favourite is pencil skirt, neat but elegant. (@Fashionmimo)

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.58.11 pm

Cropped Tank from Janell Crisscross. Floral Pencil Skirt from M&S. Tote from Gucci. Sandals from Jimmy Choo. (@Fashionmimo)

For casual and party look, match with skirt and denim jacket. (@Fashionmimo)

For casual and party look, match with skirt and denim jacket. (@Fashionmimo)

Crop top with denim pencil skirt, sweet look for a laid-back summer. (@Fahionmimo)

Crop top with denim pencil skirt, sweet look for a laid-back summer. (@Fahionmimo)

When Salmon Meets Thai Spice

Greyhound café-a brand from Bangkok now is getting popular in Hong Kong. You know, in this fast paced, expensive city with extreme competitions, a new brand could be easily squeezed out if you cannot catch much attention ASAP. But the fact is, this brand is occupying HK’s luxurious areas: Central, Tsim-sha-tsui, Kow Loon Tong… It’s not that common for a Thai restaurant to reach such high achievements, in Hong Kong.

I’m already a fan of it, so…hope that you could tolerate my following little-bit exaggerated description.

Here comes my must-haves:

1.Salmon Carpaccio in Spicy Hot Sauce 


With best reputation, the fresh salmon slices swim in special Thai spicy sauce. The spicy sour sauce is like a catalyst, making the salmon tastes even fresher.

2. Crepe Cakes



The very first time when I tried the banana chocolate crepe cake, I nearly shouted out! Come on! I will have a lifelong crave for this. Then I kept trying the strawberry crepe cake and the coconut one, they are all cute. But the banana one is always my favourite.


Compared to those surprising appetizers and desserts, the main dishes are kinda “average”. I mean, they are all delicious, but you can try them at any Thai restaurants. So my advice is, to try more appetizers. (@Fashionmimo)

Hong Kong Branches

ifc mall
Shop 1082, Podium Level 1, Central

Ocean Terminal
Shop OTG01, G/F, Ocean Terminal,
Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Festival Walk 
Shop L2-42, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

Spring Look in 10 mins

This time my friend Alison would share her SUPER EASY make-up video about how to look natural/fresh in spring time.

Wondering if the cherry blossom is still blooming?  Then why not put some light pink on your face to make it glow, too?

#Brightness is the whole concept of this look, I feel blessed to have a highlight stick with me, it’s super powerful:)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

Subscribe ALISON HUANG for more make-up tips! (@Fashionmimo)

Feel Like Wide Leg Pants

Well, I believe that everyone has at least heard about Wide Leg Pants for several times. They are back on trend AGAIN. I just find myself unable take them off once I put on, cause they’re truly comfortable and balanced. However, some of my friends would complain,”Uhhh I don’t think a short girl could handle them.” or “They make my legs look shorter!”

Here I wanna say is, wide leg pants are definitely not just for models!  They magically hide most girls’ less confident parts (waist and hips), and show the line between calf to ankle (which is extremely sexy). There are some tips for those who are still hesitating to put them on.

1. Choose a high-waist one.

Well well… if you are not that confident about your shape, please think about it before you choose something like this…


Doo Ri – Runway Photos – Spring 2011 Wide Leg Pants (@Fashionmimo)

High-waist pants will perfectly stretch your legs,  combined with wide flares also make your shape looks better.

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

2. “Crop pants and high heels”

If you have no idea about how to match your pants, remember: high heels never go wrong.  Especially for crop pants, a pair of high heels would become your best weapon to catch others’ attention.

From ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

Avoiding to be too neutral, high heels help a lot.   ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

3. There’s no rule!

Not like jeans or hot pants, you can wear this pants at any occasion. Office, beach, party… never restrain your ideas, try every possibilities! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants: an elegant office lady can't be too serious, right? (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants. (@Fashionmimo)