Cozy Weekend

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Cou cou! Here comes our awesome cozy weekend again. This sunday’s gonna be Chinese Moon Cake Festival so I’m already home and gonna spend it with my family. Normally we barbecue near the pool at night, in order to appreciate the silver moonlight reflected on the water and have a bite of lava-custard (?) moon cake 🙂 Actually there are so many types of moon cakes that I just couldn’t distinguish them…

So what’s your plan for this weekend? I got that feeling maybe I’m too old to go out now… Most of the time I just like to chill at my place and share pics on social media to pretend being socializing but ACTUALLY I’M NOT and I hate going out hahaha. Just kidding, but if you are also a couch-potato advocate, make yourself a good music collection and a cup of coffee 😉 or afternoon tea,whatever. (@Fashionmimo)



Afternoon tea set in 1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui. A good place above the noisy TST, with awesome city view. (@Fashionmimo)



Dress from Korean brand ALAND. (@Fashionmimo)

BTW, I started to do some portrait shootings and will post them on Instagram, include some OOTDs, follow me if you are also interested!


Feel Like Wide Leg Pants

Well, I believe that everyone has at least heard about Wide Leg Pants for several times. They are back on trend AGAIN. I just find myself unable take them off once I put on, cause they’re truly comfortable and balanced. However, some of my friends would complain,”Uhhh I don’t think a short girl could handle them.” or “They make my legs look shorter!”

Here I wanna say is, wide leg pants are definitely not just for models!  They magically hide most girls’ less confident parts (waist and hips), and show the line between calf to ankle (which is extremely sexy). There are some tips for those who are still hesitating to put them on.

1. Choose a high-waist one.

Well well… if you are not that confident about your shape, please think about it before you choose something like this…


Doo Ri – Runway Photos – Spring 2011 Wide Leg Pants (@Fashionmimo)

High-waist pants will perfectly stretch your legs,  combined with wide flares also make your shape looks better.

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

2. “Crop pants and high heels”

If you have no idea about how to match your pants, remember: high heels never go wrong.  Especially for crop pants, a pair of high heels would become your best weapon to catch others’ attention.

From ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

Avoiding to be too neutral, high heels help a lot.   ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

3. There’s no rule!

Not like jeans or hot pants, you can wear this pants at any occasion. Office, beach, party… never restrain your ideas, try every possibilities! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants: an elegant office lady can't be too serious, right? (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants. (@Fashionmimo)