Spring Look in 10 mins

This time my friend Alison would share her SUPER EASY make-up video about how to look natural/fresh in spring time.

Wondering if the cherry blossom is still blooming?  Then why not put some light pink on your face to make it glow, too?

#Brightness is the whole concept of this look, I feel blessed to have a highlight stick with me, it’s super powerful:)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

Brightness and warm colors are emphasized in a luminous look. (@Fashionmimo)

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Feel Like Wide Leg Pants

Well, I believe that everyone has at least heard about Wide Leg Pants for several times. They are back on trend AGAIN. I just find myself unable take them off once I put on, cause they’re truly comfortable and balanced. However, some of my friends would complain,”Uhhh I don’t think a short girl could handle them.” or “They make my legs look shorter!”

Here I wanna say is, wide leg pants are definitely not just for models!  They magically hide most girls’ less confident parts (waist and hips), and show the line between calf to ankle (which is extremely sexy). There are some tips for those who are still hesitating to put them on.

1. Choose a high-waist one.

Well well… if you are not that confident about your shape, please think about it before you choose something like this…


Doo Ri – Runway Photos – Spring 2011 Wide Leg Pants (@Fashionmimo)

High-waist pants will perfectly stretch your legs,  combined with wide flares also make your shape looks better.

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

Black and white, pants and shirts.(@Fashionmimo)

2. “Crop pants and high heels”

If you have no idea about how to match your pants, remember: high heels never go wrong.  Especially for crop pants, a pair of high heels would become your best weapon to catch others’ attention.

From ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

Avoiding to be too neutral, high heels help a lot.   ASOS online store.(@Fashionmimo)

3. There’s no rule!

Not like jeans or hot pants, you can wear this pants at any occasion. Office, beach, party… never restrain your ideas, try every possibilities! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

For party or beach, let the pink crop tank and wide leg jeans to bring up your mood! (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants: an elegant office lady can't be too serious, right? (@Fashionmimo)

High neck top with crop pants. (@Fashionmimo)


Last summer, I dropped by Annecy on my way from Lyon to Geneva. This place was mentioned many times by locals when I stayed in Lyon. When they talked about Annecy, I could see excited glow on their faces: indeed, if you understand southern French’s idyllic fantasy, Annecy is the right place with no doubt.

Near the Lake Annecy, here is the busiest area full of tourists and shops.

Near the Lake Annecy, here is the busiest area full of restaurants and shops. (@Fashionmimo)

If you decide to depart from Lyon, trains and buses are both available. Personally I would suggest you to try the Blablacar(https://www.covoiturage.fr). It’s the most popular and trusted ridesharing website in France, the bonus is you could make friends and understand more about your destinations when sharing the journey with friendly local people. One hour drive, 5 euro costs, I cannot ask for more 🙂

I just spent a day here ,so I didn’t explore much about this place. But if you are also with a tight schedule, the Lake Annecy would be very nice for a one-day trip. Walk along the lake and the river, have some seafood in the restaurants… If you want a better view of the landscape, renting a boat and relaxing on the lake would be perfect.

The Lake Annecy

The Lake Annecy (@Fahionmimo)



Also, the Annecy Castle and Palais de l’Isle are famous sights for those who wanna explore more. (@Fashionmimo)



Japanese Kimono has more than a thousand years history. Nowadays if you travel to Japan, you will still easily seeing people wearing this traditional outfit passing by. Especially in some historical cities like Kyoto and Nara, it’s really popular for tourists to rent a Kimono when strolling around the slow-paced old city.


Since I’m not a guru in Kimono, I’m not going to tell you how complicated it would be to put on this outfit. But generally it will take you more than 30 minutes with professional assistance. If you wanna do it by yourself, come on, you won’t make it. Actually in Kyoto, there are lots of Kimono rental places, they provide professional assistance on your outfit and hairstyle. Which means, you don’t need to prepare anything before, just remember to reserve online.


This time, my friend and I chose Yumeyakata for our Kimono experience. The shop is near Kyoto station so it’s kinda more convenient to tourists. Besides, it provides both Chinese and English guides. If any interests, check their website:http://www.yumeyakata.com/english/index.html

There are different types of Kimonos provided in shop, and you can also choose the types of sleeves and ribbons. A whole look costs 5000~8000Yen. If you wanna try the highly formal/glamorous Furisode (Kimono with swinging sleeves), the rent may up to 1,5000Yen. (@Fashionmimo)

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