Rainy Summer Style

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There’s no way to escape from the humidity and the endless rain. As far as I could remember, Hong Kong has been in rainy season for over 2 months: umbrella is my Must-Have for sure and the rain/typhoon/storm have also ruined a few pairs of my sandals, so slippers have become the only option left for my summer fashion.

Then I flied to Thailand, hoping to have a sunshine-beach-coconut juice therapy like before, but the fact is, July-August are also rainy months in Thailand. The whole beach looks gloomy and windy…fine, then let’s forget about the sunshine-bikini-beach fantasy and put my velvet bandeau on 🙂


Velvet bandeau with cardigan in similar color, ideal for the rainy weather. (@Fashionmimo)


Tips to survive the showers: 1. wear calf-length culottes 2. wear sandals 3. change them to rain boots when it rains heavier (@Fashionmimo)



Dress with summer pattern (@Fashionmimo)

34 thoughts on “Rainy Summer Style

  1. You look so gorgeous in that velvet bandeau! (Nope, you’re always gorgeous lol)
    I like how you coordinate similar colors in your outfits, which look chic and have personalities.

    Are these photos taken in some hotels in Thailand? They are so beautiful!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!



    1. Wow thank you Elise for your kind support as always!! ❤ yeah these pics were shot in a boutique resort in Hua Hin called Devasom, I strongly recommend this place to you if you're visiting Thailand next time!! xx


  2. Hello Mikaela! I’m so glad you liked my post because that led me to your beautiful blog. Such gorgeous style and photography. I’m new to blogging and am truly inspired by you. Hope you’ll visit my blog again. I’ll definitely come back to yours. Thank you!

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