Just spent another couple days in Hong Kong, and as usual, I strolled around Central and looked for some good places to eat.

Having a piece of cookie and a cup of tea is a good way to kill time. Not just formal English one, different restaurants (it’s very typical that in this place any restaurant (no matter Chinese,  Italian or Thai) )could have their own afternoon tea set. But this time I tried a homely cafe/gift shop who only concentrate in afternoon tea.

IMG_5450Walking along the escalator from Central to Mid-Levels, there are lots of bars, restaurants, nail shops…then we see the Prince Terrace. Like a little garden above the chaotic commercial area. There are only a few restaurants there, and here is the little place called Another Fine Day.


Go with their tea set, you could write a letter to someone and send it one year later. (@Fashionmimo)

Go with their tea set, you could write a letter to someone and send it one year later. (@Fashionmimo)

The English country style decoration is  homely and comfy. And it’s lucky that we were the only customers. The tea set contains  cookies, salmon tarts and muffins. We also tried the rose soda. If we only consider the price and the product, it’s kinda below the Hong Kong criteria. But I would say it’s totally a different experience that you could chill on the sofa and really  enjoy your afternoon tea time rather that queuing up in the Peninsula (Peninsula is also good though).

Since there are so much choices of afternoon tea in Hong Kong, maybe next time I should make a recommended list of those restaurants with awesome tea sets and great views, but I still have no idea where the edge is:) (@Fashionmimo)





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