Japanese Kimono has more than a thousand years history. Nowadays if you travel to Japan, you will still easily seeing people wearing this traditional outfit passing by. Especially in some historical cities like Kyoto and Nara, it’s really popular for tourists to rent a Kimono when strolling around the slow-paced old city.


Since I’m not a guru in Kimono, I’m not going to tell you how complicated it would be to put on this outfit. But generally it will take you more than 30 minutes with professional assistance. If you wanna do it by yourself, come on, you won’t make it. Actually in Kyoto, there are lots of Kimono rental places, they provide professional assistance on your outfit and hairstyle. Which means, you don’t need to prepare anything before, just remember to reserve online.


This time, my friend and I chose Yumeyakata for our Kimono experience. The shop is near Kyoto station so it’s kinda more convenient to tourists. Besides, it provides both Chinese and English guides. If any interests, check their website:

There are different types of Kimonos provided in shop, and you can also choose the types of sleeves and ribbons. A whole look costs 5000~8000Yen. If you wanna try the highly formal/glamorous Furisode (Kimono with swinging sleeves), the rent may up to 1,5000Yen. (@Fashionmimo)

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